The difference between 4 college and university level internship students

The difference between 4 college and university level internship students 20

The difference between 4 college and university level internship students

Almost every year, my company accepts 2-4 interns (intermediate, college, university).

At the end of 2017, my company accepted 4 interns, including two with college degrees and two with university degrees.

That worker instructed the main tasks and the manager reminded him that they had higher knowledge than him, but they did not have practical experience, so help them as much as possible.

About professional knowledge

University students grasp it quite quickly. When they say something, they understand it, but when they practice it, understanding is a `frustrating` problem and has to be repeated many times.

As for the two college students, they were a bit slow to understand when assigned tasks, but if they didn’t understand something, they asked very clearly (sometimes they were a bit frustrated because they asked too many and asked unrelated questions).

Sense of community

The two university students always seemed to have the notion of `sitting on top` so their interactions and support with the main workers in the company were not comfortable.

The two college students cooperated and supported, sometimes taking advantage of that support to further explore the knowledge they were lacking.

Working time

Two college students are always 5 minutes late.

As for the two college students, they always arrive 10 minutes early and they leave 30 minutes later.

Working attitude

After Tet, my company worked from the 6th of the lunar calendar, but on the 7th, I saw two college students present and working together.

The two university students have not been seen until today (February 26, January 11 of the lunar calendar), because they are on a backpacking trip in Da Lat.

Actually, I am writing this article not to differentiate between college or university students, but I just want to convey one thing: Working attitude and soft skills greatly impact work and the perception of others.

Regarding professional knowledge, it will help workers get promoted and receive what they contribute from that knowledge.

At the same time, I would like to share with students currently in school: If possible, please apply for unpaid work or apply for an internship during the summer months at businesses that are currently operating.

In your future job application, those experiences will be a valuable asset that employers like the most.

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