The domino effect from the ‘uncommitted’ movement to Mr. Biden

The domino effect from the 'uncommitted' movement to Mr. Biden 2

The domino effect from the ‘uncommitted’ movement to Mr. Biden

Organizers of the Listen Michigan movement, to protest President Joe Biden’s policy on the conflict in the Gaza Strip, sent a clear message to the White House boss: This is not a small issue, but only a small one.

Listen Michigan emerged earlier this year as a movement focused on the state’s primary election.

An activist posted a `no commitment` message to President Biden on the podium at this movement’s gathering in Michigan on February 27.

The movement gradually created a domino effect in other key states, with similar `uncommitted` votes appearing in increasing numbers.

Organizers say the announcement is intended to dispel the perception that Listen Michigan is a temporary movement, taking place only in the state where it was founded.

Michigan, a key battleground state in the race for the White House, is home to large Arab and Muslim communities who have become increasingly involved in politics in recent years.

The Biden administration has recently been tougher on Israel on humanitarian issues in Gaza, but life remains difficult for people in the strip.

In February, before the Democratic primary, the Listen Michigan campaign set a goal of collecting 10,000 `uncommitted` votes.

As primaries continue in other states, some organizers doubt whether Michigan’s success can be replicated and whether the protest movement will spread beyond the Arab-Muslim community.

The Minnesota primary election on March 5 provided the answer.

Other states such as Hawaii, Washington, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island also saw relatively large numbers of `uncommitted` voters.

One state that has become the focus of attention is Wisconsin, a battleground state in the Midwest that holds its primary on April 2.

The final results showed that nearly 50,000 voters in this state chose `uncommitted`, double the target set by the activist group.

`As a Palestinian American, a longtime Milwaukee organizer, and former digital director for Biden’s 2020 Wisconsin campaign, I led him to victory by just 20,000 votes.

To date, about 600,000 `uncommitted` votes have been recorded nationwide.

`If President Biden calls for a permanent ceasefire, we can still talk about November together,` said Abbas Alawieh, one of the movement’s organizers.

The domino effect from the 'uncommitted' movement to Mr. Biden

President Joe Biden at an event in Detroit, Michigan, February 1.

James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute in Washington, assessed that the movement had revealed a real flaw in President Biden’s election campaign.

`Polls show we’re losing black, Latino, Asian and young voters because of Gaza and because they have other problems that we haven’t been able to solve,` Zogby said.

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