The precious son-in-law specializes in troubleshooting Donald Trump

The precious son-in-law specializes in troubleshooting Donald Trump 0

The precious son-in-law specializes in troubleshooting Donald Trump

Jared Kushner, second from left, and his wife Ivanka Trump, next to Donald Trump on the day he announced his US presidential campaign last year at Trump Tower in New York.

International diplomacy is a world full of rituals, paperwork, administrative procedures as well as strict standards.

But Kushner made a strong impression on Dermer.

In addition to being a real estate investor and publishing businessman, Kushner, 35 years old, is also the `precious son-in-law` of billionaire Trump.

Powerful troubleshooter

Kushner participated in almost all aspects of Mr. Trump’s election campaign.

According to commentators Michael Barboro and Jonathan Mahler from NYTimes, this is a new task and does not seem to be very suitable for Kushner, a Harvard University graduate, whose father is also a real estate investment expert and professional.

Now, in a dramatic twist, Kushner is collaborating with former federal prosecutor Chris Christie, the man who sent his father to prison more than 10 years ago.

Kushner initially spoke out against Christie’s appointment, but now the two have become allies, working together to bring Trump’s election campaign to the finish line.

According to friends, Kushner did not appear worried about his father-in-law’s somewhat aggressive behavior or `rude` statements.

On July 2, Mr. Trump once again aroused a wave of criticism when he posted on Twitter a photo of his opponent Clinton next to a hexagonal star, next to a large wad of money.

However, Kushner still steadfastly defended the New York tycoon.

Friends say the real power Kushner holds stems from his close relationship with his father-in-law, who is said to always value advice from family members and sees Kushner as his younger self.

Trump once described Kushner as a `wonderful son-in-law` and that the two were `very close.`

Although he has gained all the trust from his father-in-law, Kushner only recognizes himself as a newcomer on the political path, always having to open his eyes wide in admiration at new things.

For many months, Kushner acted more like a loyal son-in-law than a campaign coordinator.

In March, after Mr. Trump caused animosity with Jewish leaders by declaring that he would maintain a `neutral` attitude in relations with Israelis and Palestinians, Kushner began to assert his value.

He frequently worked the phone to appease angry Republicans and urged his father-in-law to deliver a prepared, pro-Israel speech to the US-Israel Public Affairs Committee, a

Kushner is also the person who helped billionaire Trump connect with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to seek advice on foreign policy, or media tycoon Rupert Murdoch.

Even seemingly small tasks, like organizing videos on his father-in-law’s Facebook page, reviewing details related to the upcoming Republican convention or revamping the Trump family’s online stores

Donors, policy experts or Republican leaders often have to contact Kushner before being able to talk or meet with billionaire Trump.

`One time, I was with Jared, and the phone suddenly rang, and it was Mr. Trump calling to ask for Jared’s opinion,` Kurson said.

But Kushner didn’t just wait to answer his father-in-law’s phone call.

The precious son-in-law specializes in troubleshooting Donald Trump

Kushner, along with Mr. Trump’s wife and daughter, stood and listened to the New York tycoon speak at a campaign rally in Iowa in February.

Unlike his father-in-law, Kushner is an extremely soft-spoken person, knows how to control himself and is good at improvising.

`It’s a simple way to resolve conflicts when conflicts should not have arisen in the first place,` commented Adam Neumann, a partner participating in the negotiation with Kushner.

According to Neumann, Kushner has all the `opposite` characteristics of a traditional New York real estate investor.

For Kushner, the fact that many of his friends and colleagues support the Democratic Party is a big challenge.

`Discussing that issue will go nowhere,` said Joel I. Klein, who has a social relationship with Kushner and his wife.

But the skepticism and unsupportive attitude from his colleagues probably only strengthened Kushner’s determination.

Now, reeling between business trips with Mr. Trump and phone calls or meetings to discuss the presidential campaign, Kushner can no longer devote much time to his real estate empire.

Billionaire Trump also seems to agree with this choice.

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