The proposal to close the bank is too weak

The proposal to close the bank is too weak 2

The proposal to close the bank is too weak

At the ongoing socio-economic discussion session on the morning of October 31, many National Assembly delegates continued to express their impatience about the banking restructuring process.

However, Mr. Ha Sy Dong is concerned about the list of 9 weak banks that the operator has recently named.

Delegate Ha Sy Dong said that large banks today are not synonymous with healthy banks.

In the process of dealing with weak banks, according to delegate Ha Sy Dong, if new investors cannot be found to meet the required capital requirements.

Sharing concerns surrounding the process of bank restructuring in the corridors of the National Assembly, delegate Cao Si Kiem (Thai Binh) mentioned the legal aspect when many current regulations still have loopholes and have not been promoted.

One of the common loopholes that are easy to circumvent in banking today is cross-ownership.

`Of course there are good things about cross-ownership. But before we can exploit its positive side, the negative things will already be promoted. Therefore, one of the important reforms of the banking industry today

When detecting a mistake, Mr. Kiem said, it is necessary to determine whether the mistake is due to a flawed mechanism or due to weak ethics or intentional fraud so that it can be handled at the correct address.

Sharing concerns about the banking sector, delegate Huynh Nghia (Da Nang) proposed removing the interest rate ceiling and mobilization ceiling to switch to a market mechanism.

According to delegate Pham Quang Khai (Ba Ria – Vung Tau), in the current context, agriculture is considered the salvation of the economy but the growth rate is tending to decrease.

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