The Republican Party still makes money thanks to Trump

The Republican Party still makes money thanks to Trump 3

The Republican Party still makes money thanks to Trump

The Republican National Committee is campaigning to use the title `lifetime Trump supporter` to attract small supporters to donate online.

A committee tasked with helping Republicans regain the House of Representatives has promoted the image of the former US president in nearly all public events and called for support to `regain the majority for Trump`.

6 months after Donald Trump left office, the key to the success of the Republican Party’s online fundraising activities still lies in his name.

Supporters take photos with a cardboard vase printed with the image of former US president Donald Trump at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Dallas.

Republican committees’ fundraising messages are always carefully tailored to appeal to as many supporters as possible.

`The Republican Party has never raised such large amounts of support from small donors before Trump. And they may never be able to do this after Trump,` Brad Parscale, consultant, manager

The above strategy clearly worked.

The fact that the image of the former US president is still used to solicit funding not only highlights his lasting influence among activists and online supporters, but also shows that Republicans,

With Democrats controlling both the House and Senate, some Republicans hope their party can turn the tide in the 2022 midterm congressional elections. However, the President’s name

Since May 1, the Republican Senate campaign has only mentioned Biden’s name 4 times in the subject lines of emails calling for donations.

The Republican National Committee made Trump’s birthday on June 14 look like a national holiday, sending out at least 19 emails about the event five weeks in advance.

The Republican campaign group in the House of Representatives is also not on the sidelines.

Current and past Republican operatives say Trump’s name simply helps them raise as much money as possible.

`President Trump and his policies remain an important driver for small-scale donors,` said Michael McAdams, communications director for the Republican Congressional Committee.

In June, nearly 90% of this committee’s messages calling for donations mentioned Trump.

In a memo at the end of 2020, WinRed, the main online donation platform of the Republican Party, said that pages calling for support mentioning the word `Trump` attracted twice as many supporters as compared to

But according to Hogan Gidley, a former adviser to Trump at the White House, when using Trump as a messenger to call for support, the Republican Party is completely at risk of being counterattacked and suffering a wave of anger if they use the money collected.

`This is the Republican situation,` Gidley said.

Trump and the Republican Party sometimes have direct conflicts.

The former US president meanwhile supported Lisa’s opponent, Kelly Tshibaka.

The online store for the committee responsible for returning McConnell as Senate majority leader now has 21 of 23 items with Trump’s name or face.

`Trump is too good at raising money from small supporters,` commented Liz Mair, a Republican strategist who has criticized Trump.

Vu Hoang (According to NYTimes)

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