‘The Shape of Water’ – a tale of sensual love

'The Shape of Water' - a tale of sensual love 2

‘The Shape of Water’ – a tale of sensual love

In the early 1960s, Elisa (Sally Hawkins) was a mute janitor working in a US government laboratory.

Del Toro said the work was based on the monster movie Creature from the Black Lagoon (1954), but from the perspective of the sea monster, not the hunters.

sad love story in `The Shape of Water`

However, audiences expecting a beautiful, poetic Beauty and the Beast-style story are easily confused by the next two minutes.

Del Toro borrows the fairy tale cover as a backdrop, but his storytelling goes against familiar stories.

'The Shape of Water' - a tale of sensual love

Elisa meets and has feelings for a sea monster.

Naming the film The Shape of Water, the director used water as the central theme – a symbol of freedom.

On the contrary, in the climax scene when Elisa caresses the sea monster, water flows everywhere, turning the room into a giant tank.

Like most of Del Toro’s works, religious elements are installed in many scenes.

In addition to being a metaphor for freedom, water is also a symbol of eternity and purification in Christianity, helping Elisa to be cleansed from a world that despises her.

'The Shape of Water' - a tale of sensual love

Michael Shannon as the villain.

Strickland is arrogant and demands that lower-ranking people submit to him unconditionally.

The film’s political message is quite simple, placing the American colonel in a confrontational position with the rest of the group, reflecting discrimination against the weak in society.

The film’s technical elements are all of high quality, demonstrated by 13 Oscar nominations – the highest this award season.

The movement of the camera moves slowly as if floating in water, the color palette turns green, most scenes are opened with character movements, like the constant movement of water.

Of the cast, Sally Hawkins and Doug Jones (who plays the sea monster, aided by makeup and special effects) take on the hardest work.

'The Shape of Water' - a tale of sensual love

Dance scene in the movie.

The Shape of Water plays to Del Toro’s strengths in storytelling through images and metaphors.

About two-thirds through the film, an exchange between two characters is transformed into an imaginary dance.

The film opens in Vietnam from February 2.

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