The sparrow turned into an eagle from small business

The sparrow turned into an eagle from small business 8

The sparrow turned into an eagle from small business

On the way home from work, I suddenly saw a noodle cart, at first glance it was as normal as any other noodle cart in this vast Saigon, with the same pot of broth, the same dangling patch, a few pieces.

I laughed at the arrogance of the young man who came to scoop and pour the soup into this clumsy bowl, so I threw it in.

Vague and scattered, I suddenly thought of Vietnamese brands that have formed and developed from seemingly small and simple products.

Soap brand from the 30s

In the 1930s, a time when our generation could only imagine it through books or through the gossip of old men who often played Chinese chess and discussed `east, west, ancient times`, I heard the story of Mr. Ben-

If good seeds meet fertile soil, they will surely sprout. With talent and desire, Mr. Ben opened the prosperous period of the Vietnamese soap brand from the first soap pots.

Coming from a family with a tradition of handicrafts, Mr. Ben is always passionate about developing a product for a large number of Vietnamese people to use.

It was not only the image representing the brand but also the image representing Vietnamese people at that time – specifically the Southern women whom people often called by the familiar name `Miss Ba`.

Miss Ba soap has been famous since the 1930s.

From the initial few soap pots, after 20 years, Mr. Ben’s family has continued and developed the Vietnam Soap Factory with more than 6,000 tons of soap/year, bringing in tens of millions of VND/month in revenue, creating

Tea shops and flower shops earn hundreds of millions of dong

Saigon also has many successful people who started out with just a basket of sticky rice and sweet soup or a small flower stall.

During the new liberation period, people’s lives were still full of chaos, and there was a woman who was very busy.

The enthusiasm and hardships of this miserable woman create the unforgettable sweet flavor of the sticky rice pudding.

Entering the 21st century, the old sticky rice shop has become a chain system as her family wished, bringing in hundreds of millions in revenue each month for her and her family.

Few people would have guessed that, starting from a market stall of only 4 square meters, with buckets and boxes displaying bouquets of chrysanthemums, lilies, and gladiolus to sell to housewives, after only three years, a fresh flower shop became a reality.

I suddenly found a similarity between the flower seller and the young man clumsily serving a bowl of noodles with an incomprehensibly happy look on his face.

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Nguyen Phuong

The sparrow turned into an eagle from small business

What torch do young Vietnamese light?

The harshness of life made me spend a year doing all kinds of jobs to earn a living income without daring to dream about the future…

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