‘The value of a sticky rice seller earns 50 million per month’

'The value of a sticky rice seller earns 50 million per month' 16

‘The value of a sticky rice seller earns 50 million per month’

To compare a sticky rice seller earning 50 million per month and a person with a bachelor’s degree working with a monthly salary of 7-8 million, I would like to analyze as follows:

1. About the position in the economic model with customers

I’m sure, the sticky rice seller is more important than a normal person with a university degree.

Meanwhile, university graduates often serve customers with higher needs without focusing on basic needs (of course there are still many other industries that serve directly such as food, medicine, etc.

Customers do not always need the services or products of a person with a bachelor’s degree, but will always and directly need the `package of sticky rice` every day.

2. Regarding position in the economic production model

I still lean towards the view that the sticky rice seller has a higher position.

Of course, when she has control over her system, the sticky rice seller tends to pay herself more than the others.

>> The sticky rice seller is better than a university graduate?

3. Is anyone who sells sticky rice worth more than a bachelor?

The answer is `no`.

4. Herd economic model

Have you seen that when animals go hunting, the leader of the pack will command and will almost decide the outcome of the hunt?

The same is true for the model of human economic production organization.

So, each person’s economic value lies in their role in the economic system, not in their qualifications.

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‘Don’t use a degree to judge the capacity of a sticky rice seller’

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