‘Three seasons’ – a clear ‘poem’ about the Vietnamese soul

'Three seasons' - a clear 'poem' about the Vietnamese soul 1

‘Three seasons’ – a clear ‘poem’ about the Vietnamese soul

The film opens with a Vietnamese scene with a lush lotus pond, shot with a long, slow-paced take.

`Three Seasons` won three major awards at the independent Sundance Film Festival in 1999.

Without a thrilling, thrilling plot or star cast like the popular `instant noodle` movie trend at that time, Three Seasons tells viewers a simple story about lives and corners.

That is the story of a man whose `soul left his body` for many years due to leprosy, living every day in the old communal house, away from everyone.

Each character has a different life and destiny, silently and persistently breathing the breath of a magnificent Saigon, entering the twilight of the changing times.

But Saigon in the mind of exiled director Tony Bui is not only about those two harsh seasons of sun and rain.

Based on two extreme contrasting main tones, black (dark alleys, communal houses…) and white (lotus flowers, ao dai…), the film leaves a deep impression on viewers about the social picture.

'Three seasons' - a clear 'poem' about the Vietnamese soul

`Ugly girl` Ngoc Hiep in the old movie `Three Seasons`.

On that fragile line, the poor prostitute is the typical example of a type of person in a society that is changing violently.

A character who also stands on other lines is the French soldier and his journey to find his lost daughter.

People, despite coming from different positions, circumstances, and ethnic groups, when standing under the same sky, breathing the same air, they all ache for comfort and hope.

From another perspective, viewers can also easily see a shape and color imbued with the spirit of Vietnam through Tony Bui’s delicate and impressive cinematic language.

Like Tran Anh Hung, Tony Bui is an overseas Vietnamese director who was exiled early in life.

Viewers will surely hesitate before motionless frames, freezing space and time like a blue window taken from a meeting, a young woman lying on a bamboo boat floating on a blue lotus lagoon or the hem of her shirt.

'Three seasons' - a clear 'poem' about the Vietnamese soul

The most beautiful and romantic scene in the movie `Three Seasons`.

However, above all those perfect frames, the scene where the prostitute exposes herself behind the shell of life gives the audience a strange trembling emotion.

Many people will think of a Smell of Green Papaya, a Vertical Summer or even Tran Anh Hung’s Cyclo when looking at the almost perfectly cut and filtered frames above.

But above all those points, it can be said that Three Seasons is a clearer poem than ever about the beauty of the Vietnamese soul.

Like a beautiful poem taken from the nation’s beloved folk song about the pure flower `What is in the lagoon as beautiful as the lotus`, director Tony Bui’s Three Seasons will also remind viewers of a season of hope, a season of

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