Translation is still unpredictable

Translation is still unpredictable 4

Translation is still unpredictable

The fourth wave of the epidemic broke out in our country from April 27 until now, recording more than 860,000 cases, of which more than 790,000 people have recovered.

However, recently, the number of infections has increased in provinces and cities.

Responding to VnExpress on October 18, Associate Professor Nguyen Huy Nga (former Director of Preventive Medicine – Ministry of Health) commented that when the whole country opens, relaxes social distancing and determines to live with the epidemic, new cases of infection will appear.

According to him, the epidemic is still spreading silently in the community, more than 80% of cases have mild or no symptoms, making it easier for the pathogen to spread.

Shipper’s sample was taken for testing in Go Vap district, Ho Chi Minh City, on September 20.

Sharing the same opinion, Associate Professor Dr. Do Van Dung (Dean of the Faculty of Public Health, Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy) said that places that have not yet had an outbreak and the vaccination rate is still low will still be at risk of an outbreak.

In fact, provinces are always at risk of outbreaks due to lack of vaccine coverage.

Another reason why the number of local cases increased is because people returned from epidemic areas.

`In fact, many testing localities have detected positive cases among people returning home. If not detected early, it will cause an outbreak of the disease,` Mr. Phu said.

From the beginning of October until now – after relaxing the quarantine, the provinces welcomed hundreds of thousands of workers from Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Dong Nai, and Long An.

Currently, the epidemic is cooling down in hot spots like Ho Chi Minh City and Binh Duong, but it is still very unpredictable and developments depend heavily on the ability to respond to each locality.

`Provinces and cities across the country have experience and capacity in preventing and fighting the Covid-19 epidemic. It is important to detect outbreaks as early as possible to trace and quickly stamp out the epidemic,` Associate Professor Nguyen

According to Mr. Hung, what needs to be done for the health sector at all levels is to strengthen epidemiological surveillance, especially monitoring people returning from epidemic areas, monitoring people with fever and cough, and monitoring high-risk subjects.

Experts recommend that people need to be self-aware and comply with epidemic prevention regulations.

Mr. Dung analyzed that the biggest lesson in the recent epidemic wave is to vaccinate the elderly with Covid-19 vaccine first.

`We have a field hospital, it’s good but the quality is not good,` Mr. Dung said and said that putting F0 in a field hospital, gathering them together but not ensuring a clean and uncared-for environment;

Provinces where clusters of infections have been detected in children, such as Phu Tho and Bac Ninh, should not be too confused or worried because children’s risk of getting worse is not as high as adults, most have no symptoms and recover on their own.

Localities should not quarantine many people in one room, which can easily lead to cross-infection.

Continue to closely follow the Ministry of Health’s instructions on testing.

`It’s not because of the outbreak in some places that it affects trade, travel and general economic development,` Associate Professor Nga said.

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