Trump War – Twitter

Trump War - Twitter 2

Trump War – Twitter

Although it is said that he wrote a lot of false information on Twitter, until May 26, US President Donald Trump had never encountered any problems when expressing his views on all issues on this platform.

However, things began to change earlier this year, when misinformation about Covid-19 began to spread.

US President Donald Trump spoke during a press conference at the White House on May 26.

Twitter said it would add such a warning to any tweet that could mislead users.

Twitter only intervenes on certain topics, including Covid-19, how to vote in elections and the census.

Michelle Amazeen, a political communication professor at Boston University, called Twitter’s move `a much-needed step forward` but questioned its impact.

`Twitter is not inherently a reliable source for mainstream news,` she said.

Reacting to Twitter’s move, Trump said that the social network had `completely extinguished freedom of speech` and accused Twitter of meddling in the presidential election.

However, experts say it will be difficult for Trump to turn his threats into reality.

Although the President can request investigations or issue some decrees targeting social networks, he cannot `override` laws made by parliament, Balkin said.

Experts say that Trump’s threat to `rectify or shut down` is only intended to deter companies that operate social networks.

Former federal judge Michael McConnell also commented that Trump lacks the authority to make that threat come true.

Trump has 80.3 million followers on Twitter.

Despite the President’s anger at the company, nothing can replace Twitter’s instant sharing system, nor the network of accounts built in recent years to spread his statements.

`Twitter is really the perfect platform for him,` said Vivian Schiller, an expert from the Aspen Institute and a former Twitter employee.

Other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Youtube are not as suitable for Trump as Twitter.

Similarly, Instagram and Snapchat are not suitable for spreading text messages.

Twitter has repeatedly affirmed that it has no intention of blocking Trump’s account, even though he has repeatedly posted aggressive tweets or baseless information.

But now, with the intervention in Trump’s tweet, Twitter has drawn a line and the war between this social network and the US President may continue to intensify.

`Once they put a warning label on Trump’s tweets, they will be in a difficult position if they don’t continue to do so,` said Schiller of the Aspen Institute.

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