Trump’s post-White House perks

Trump's post-White House perks 2

Trump’s post-White House perks

However, this privilege of Donald Trump may be under threat, as the Senate is about to hold his impeachment trial under the `incitement of violence` article passed by the House of Representatives.

US law does not allow pensions to be granted to presidents who are `removed` by the impeachment process.

Former US President Donald Trump spoke at Andrews Military Base, Maryland, before boarding a plane to Florida on January 20.

If Trump is found guilty, the Senate will likely have to hold a second voting session to determine whether he will continue to be eligible to receive pension and perks after leaving office, according to Michael Gerhardt,

However, many experts remain skeptical whether another vote could truly strip Trump of his pension and former presidential perks.

`This is a controversial question,` said Demian Brady, research director at the National Taxpayers’ Union Foundation (NTUF), a government spending watchdog.

In addition to a pension of $221,400/year, Trump also receives many other perks including travel allowances, office space and employee salaries, which can be up to one million USD a year.

According to NTUF, since 2000, the four living former US presidents have received allowances and perks with a total value of about 56 million USD.

Brady said one of the most expensive perks of former presidents is unlimited rent on office space.

One benefit that Trump will not receive like some other former presidents is health insurance, because a president must serve in federal office for at least 5 years to qualify for this privilege.

For Trump, a billionaire businessman, this pension does not seem too important.

Trump and the White House said that while in office, he used $400,000 of his annual presidential salary to support various government agencies.

The law on US presidential pensions was passed in 1958 when Harry Truman, one of two former presidents alive at that time, had financial problems.

`This law was originally enacted to solve the problem of an unlucky case. In the modern era, former presidents have significant earning potential, even enough to help them become millionaires.`

In 2016, the Republican-controlled Congress passed a law stipulating a fixed pension payment of $200,000 per year for a president and capping other expenses at $200,000.

The bill would also cut pensions and expenses by one dollar for every dollar a former president earns above $400,000.

However, Obama vetoed the above law on the grounds that if he followed it, pensions and benefits for the staff of former presidents would no longer exist, and would make it more difficult for the Secret Service to

Obama announced that if Congress adjusts the law to satisfactorily answer the above concerns, he will sign it.

In 2019, the House passed a similar law after Democrats regained control, but the Senate has yet to vote on it.

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