Variants of applications that ‘strip’ women appear rampant

Variants of applications that 'strip' women appear rampant 1

Variants of applications that ‘strip’ women appear rampant

According to The Verge, versions with the same function of `stripping` women as DeepNude are `growing like mushrooms` after the main version was removed.

Photo of singer Taylor Swift after being processed by DeepNude.

A report from Motherboard also said that a version of DeepNude is also being sold anonymously for $20 on the Discord server.

Some people even uploaded the open source version of DeepNude to GitHub to express their discomfort with the community’s reaction to this software.

Checking some shared links on the Internet, The Verge experts discovered that many of them were pre-installed with malicious code.

DeepNude is software based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which can create a fake nude photo based on a certain photo.

According to Guardian, the world is not ready for DeepNude and similar applications, but need to prepare psychologically for that soon.

Mary Anne Franks, president of the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI), said that women are the target group for `stripping` applications.

Variants of applications that 'strip' women appear rampant

DeepNude has been removed by its owner, but similar applications are springing up.

In Vice’s test, when uploading an image of a man to DeepNude, the application exported a nude female body but the face remained intact.

`There may come a day, when deepfake technology develops, women will be forced to censor themselves before going online, or leave social platforms completely,` Franks worries.

In recent years, the Internet has been considered toxic for women.

Currently, there are quite a few deepfake detection applications in the world, but experts are interested in this issue.

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