‘Vietnamese football only has form, not class’

'Vietnamese football only has form, not class' 17

‘Vietnamese football only has form, not class’

Assessing the current quality of Vietnamese football, reader Phat Du comments:

Overview of Vietnamese football at the present time:

– We are number one in Southeast Asia but not completely superior to Thailand and Malaysia.

– The foundation of Vietnamese football from facilities, professionalism… is only middle-class compared to the region.

– At the continental level, Vietnam is only in the average category, unable to `sit on the same table` with giants like Japan, Korea, Iran or Australia.

To summarize, Vietnamese football is developing, but the foundation is still weak, there is no guarantee for long-term dominance in the region.

Meanwhile, reader Phuquang Trieuly said that Vietnamese football is developing in a spiral:

From a dialectical perspective, Vietnamese football is moving forward in a spiral rather than a straight line.

The characteristics of each `spiral` (cycle) whether large or small (both in time and level of the playground) depend on objective and subjective factors, including the subjective factors of teachers and students (

Evaluating the team’s playing style in the past two years under coach Park Hang-seo, reader Seraphiel shares his opinion on the formula for victory:

No matter how good the coach’s tactical thinking is, if the players don’t have the strength to execute it, it’s useless.

Currently, the formula to win with the Vietnamese team is only to sneak around, disrupt the opponent’s playing style and take advantage of good opportunities.

Commenting on the direction to develop the country’s football industry, reader Dong DA shared:

If it’s true that achievements and performances at the continental level, at a period of time, form, surprise, luck… converge, Vietnam can bring some joy to fans, but in the end it’s still the same.

To put it bluntly, just accept that Vietnamese football is not as good as Thailand’s, so what’s the point of having false pride and then remaining blind?

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