Vietnamese football – when vision needs to change

Vietnamese football - when vision needs to change 2

Vietnamese football – when vision needs to change

South Korea won the championship for the first time, along with Saudi Arabia, Australia and host Japan as Asia’s representatives at the 2020 Olympics. These are the four teams in the six strongest football backgrounds in Asia.

Just like in a top match, when a higher level team accelerates, they can immediately find a goal.

Quang Hai and his teammates hugged their faces in disappointment as they left the field after losing 1-2 to North Korea, leading to Vietnam’s early exit from the group stage of the 2020 Asian U23 tournament. Photo: Duc Dong.

But failure in 2020 does not mean that the performance of the previous two years was a fluke.

Being eliminated right from the group stage is not a disappointment, but the biggest failure is that U23 Vietnam failed to introduce any new factors.

The inadequacy of personnel was alarming in 2019. Ten training sessions throughout the year, more than 60 players were called up, playing a total of 10 official matches (Asia U23 qualifiers and SEA Games), plus

In terms of results, the fall against North Korea was just an accident.

It is impossible to require training facilities to present a new generation of young players every two years.

Unfortunately, Vietnamese football is operating according to the `building a house from the roof` model.

Many new players of the U23 team currently have more training time with the team than with the club.

If the playing time of a national championship is still less than the time spent gathering teams, surely that football platform is still in a state of failure, with limited vision.

U23 Vietnam failed to introduce new factors, which is definitely the V-League’s fault.

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