What assets did the police recover in the Van Thinh Phat case?

What assets did the police recover in the Van Thinh Phat case? 4

What assets did the police recover in the Van Thinh Phat case?

According to an investigation by the Ministry of Public Security, Ms. Truong My Lan, Chairman of Van Thinh Phat Group, does not hold a position at SCB Bank but is the person with the greatest power, because since the merger (2012) until now,

Ms. Lan arranged trusted people to hold key leadership positions at SCB (Board of Directors, Executive Board), so all activities of this bank `basically serve the activities` of Ms. Lan.

Authorities determined that from February 2018 to October 2022, Ms. Lan directed the preparation of 916 SCB loan applications worth 545,000 billion VND and appropriated 304,000 billion VND (about 12.36 billion USD) of people.

During the investigation process, the Ministry of Public Security reviewed and collected money flows originating from the criminal acts of Ms. Lan and related people;

Saigon One Tower building in District 1 – one of the properties related to the Van Thinh Phat case.

For Ms. Truong My Lan and her accomplices in the banking group, the investigation agency seized a total of nearly 590 billion VND and nearly 15 million USD.

In October 2022, after being offered a job by the investigation agency, Viet contacted the relevant person to hand over all the money he had received from Ms. Lan.

Police confiscated 190,000 USD from Tran Van Hung, a cleaning staff, cleaning Ms. Lan’s apartment at the Sherwood building in District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.

Saigon Kim Cuong Joint Stock Company voluntarily transferred nearly 415 billion VND – part of the total value of more than 120 million company shares that Ms. Lan assigned to individuals to hold.

Authorities also blocked nearly 2,000 billion VND, nearly 8.5 million USD;

Distraint of a total of 1,237 real estate properties related to Ms. Lan, including a series of buildings in districts 1, 3, 5…;

For the behavior group Giving bribes, Taking bribes;

For Nguyen Cao Tri’s act of abusing trust and appropriating assets, the investigation agency has distrained 7 real estate (worth more than 266 billion VND).

>>List of 86 defendants

In phase one of the case, Ms. Lan was proposed to be prosecuted for three crimes: Bribery, Violation of regulations on banking operations and Asset embezzlement.

In addition, Chairman of Van Thinh Phat Group was also prosecuted for fraudulent appropriation of property through bond issuance and money laundering, but the investigation agency separated it into another case, continuing to investigate and handle it.

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