What can Bitcoin buy?

What can Bitcoin buy? 3

What can Bitcoin buy?

Bitcoin in particular and cryptocurrencies in general are exploding worldwide.

What can Bitcoin buy?

The number of companies and countries accepting Bitcoin is increasing, allowing its holders to make payments or exchanges almost all over the world.

Notice accepting Bitcoin payments outside a store.

CheapAir or TravelForCoins will take care of your airfare and accept Bitcoin as payment.

Technology companies responded enthusiastically to this cryptocurrency.

Not only for small and medium value items, an auto dealer in the US has also accepted transactions in Bitcoin, including the Tesla Model S electric car (price about 100,000 USD) and the Lamborghini Gallardo super sports car (price

In September 2017, a real estate project worth $325 million was opened for sale in Dubai and accepted direct payment in Bitcoin.

World review of Bitcoin

What can Bitcoin buy?

What is Bitcoin used for?

The world’s first Bitcoin ATM.

Those who invest and own Bitcoin believe that it is gold in the information technology age.

However, each country has a different assessment of Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, the European Union (EU) recognizes Bitcoin as a form of currency, not an asset.

Bitcoin in Vietnam

What can Bitcoin buy?

A machine that allows direct exchange of VND to Bitcoin and vice versa in Ho Chi Minh City.

Some Vietnamese stores or businesses have allowed payment with Bitcoin.

Most recently, FPT University became the first school in Vietnam to announce that it accepts students to pay tuition in Bitcoin.

However, since 2013, the State Bank has affirmed that Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies are not legal currencies and are not legal means of payment in Vietnam.

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