What to do if you get promoted but don’t get a raise

What to do if you get promoted but don't get a raise 3

What to do if you get promoted but don’t get a raise

Promotion but no salary increase is not uncommon in some companies.

Getting a promotion while keeping your old salary isn’t ideal, but career expert Lindsey Pollak says you can accept this deal if the promotion fits your long-term career goals.

`If the new position is very important to your career profile and the next job you want to have, it’s a good idea to accept,` she tells CNBC Make It, noting that it should only be accepted temporarily.

According to experts, a promotion without a salary increase should only be a temporary acceptance.

Schedule a discussion about money

If you work in a place where finances are tight, it’s likely that your promotion won’t come with a raise.

Pollak says that when you’re first offered a promotion, you should ask your boss for an exact date to discuss compensation.

Whenever discussing a raise, you should have a conversation in person or over the phone instead of email or text, says Vicki Salemi, career expert at career site Monster.

`It’s important to just do what you can because at some point it will be out of your control. But, what you can control is checking and tracking your own achievements,`

Negotiate other benefits

What to do if you get promoted but don't get a raise

When you haven’t received a raise yet, ask about benefits that will help you increase your ability to ‘beautify’ your CV.

Besides negotiating pay, Salemi says there are other benefits you should ask for to better take advantage of the new position.

`There may not be a budget for a raise, but you can ask if there is a budget for online learning or traveling to a large conference in another area,` she says.

According to Salemi, no matter what you can negotiate, the goal is to temporarily accept a promotion without a salary increase, but maybe the opportunity to upgrade a close friend’s CV for long-term benefits.

Proactively seek new opportunities

If salary conversations aren’t going in the direction you hoped, Salemi says it’s time to start looking for opportunities outside the company.

As a suggestion, she said that you should establish a readiness to accept any new job that matches your abilities but has better compensation.

`You need to really quantify on your resume how much budget you’re managing, how many people you’re managing…` she says.

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