Women suffer from cold hands and feet

Women suffer from cold hands and feet 4

Women suffer from cold hands and feet

`When I go to bed at night, just touch my husband’s back with my hand and he screams loudly because the price is like ice. All kinds of sexy and graceful nightgowns must be given away and replaced with long pants, ao dai, and stockings.`

Ms. Ha said she has suffered from cold hands and feet since she was a girl until now, when she has two children.

Also facing a similar situation, Ms. My (Long Bien, Hanoi) said that in the winter, she is most afraid of typing on a computer, because just sitting for 1-2 hours makes her 10 fingertips turn to ice.

`At night, I crawl under a warm blanket but can’t sleep because my legs are cold. During the day when I go to work, I hide the electric dryer under the table, but when I heat my hot pant legs, my legs are still cold,` she said.

Illustration photo: Handbag.com.

Master – physician Vu Quoc Trung said that cold hands and feet is a disease common to many people, mainly women.

According to Mr. Trung, in traditional medicine, the human body consists of two parts: yin and yang.

The majority of infected people are middle-aged or elderly, and depend heavily on their diet.

In modern medicine, this condition corresponds to lack of oxygen (due to hindered oxygenation in the body).

According to master Vu Quoc Trung, the condition of cold limbs can be improved by treating yang energy through diet and medication.

In addition, patients can combine eating hot and spicy foods, increase positive foods, high in protein such as beef, goat meat, dog meat, and should limit eating cool and cold foods.

New mothers are also susceptible to cold hands and feet due to iron deficiency, so to prevent the disease, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers can supplement iron in their daily diet through foods such as egg yolks.

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